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Recently Completed Projects

Some of our more recent projects include the following:

Air Sea America

A unique, award winning freight forwarder based out of Renton, WA. Warehouse Solutions Northwest was the company they invited to design and build there warehouse structure. The particular warehouse boasts wonderful amenities including back to back bay structures, tunnel bays, and much more! For more information email us, or to visit Air Sea Americas Web site.

Michael Lynn Designs

This warehouse was appointed with your basic wall to wall pallet rack structure throughout. This particular company was in the midst of a downsize where space planning was key. They were moving into a much smaller facility but still had very high product volume. We did some re con work at both the old and new facilities, drafted some preliminary CAD drawings and correlated a structure that saved them time, space and money.

Alchemy Collections

Building Features: This 25,000 square foot warehouse structure is located in Southern Seattle. Concaved wall structures, large wood columns, and uneven floors make this project one of our most successful in recent years. This customer was looking for a unique product that could adequately hold any particular item with regards to heavy to very heavy applications. We were able to locate some used cantilever racking that fit well within there budget. After a little bit of fabrication and a boat load of shims, the job was a success.

RBA Design

This customer was moving from a 20,000 square foot warehouse into a newer 45,000 square foot building. The facility they moved into was adequately racked by the previous tenant but some beam levels needed to be adjusted. We removed all of the storage racks, benches, and lift equipment from

the old facility, transported the material to the new facility, re erected the material, and adjust all beam levels accordingly.


Raj was moving from a 10,000 square foot warehouse into a new 50,000 square foot Warehouse that he now owned and had built himself. The leased facility they were moving from had racking that they owned but most of it was very short (10') due to existing ceiling heights. We found a buyer for his uprights and were able to disassemble and salvage a majority of his beams and incorporate them into the new layout thus saving him money. After locating purchasing and moving the remaining materials, we started the job worked long hours and finished well ahead of the anticipated schedule.


This customer acquired some additional space in a pre existing warehouse. Customer shipped up some racking from another location and they had a very tight deadline. We added multiple rows of racking to there facility in Auburn, WA. and the operation never skipped a beat.

Orbis Corporation

This particular customer was going out of business and needed a professional to purchase and remove their warehouse shelving ASAP from the 75,000 square ft facility they were paying rent on. Rick called WSN and the rest is history. We offered him much more for his beautiful inventory than anyone else had offered him and had the rack tore down and removed before he could say “Warehouse Solutions is the Greatest”

Central 4 Wheel

Another great company hit hard by the rough economy. Central 4 wheel was downsizing to a smaller more affordable facility. They had a small amount of racking that needed to be taken down and moved. We talked with Bill, inventoried the rack tore down and moved what he needed to be moved and purchased the remainder for fair market value.

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